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 Material economies
       D.1  Moss ritual2021
       D.2 Waste Care2021
       D.3 Recyclebar2021
       D.4 The Better Bread2022
       D.5 Crafts of Resistance2023
 User Research / Experience design
        D.6 Exhaust the Benches2022
        D.7 The Traffic Light as a Destination2021
        D.8 C.C.C Cuisine2022
        D.9 Building Dialogue2022
Craftsmanship / Heritage
        D.10 Nuevos Rituales2018
        D.11 Migración2019

        I.1 Inventariada2019
        I.2 Diarios Abiertos 12021
        I.3 Diarios Abiertos 22021
        I.4-D.2 Recipe book x Waste Care2021
        I.5-D.3 Storytelling x Recyclebar2021
        I.6-D.7 Essay x Traffic Lights (...)2021
        I.7-D8.I2 Booklet x C.C.C Cuisine2022
        I.8 Stories Around the Cabinet2023

SHOP - coming coon
(Ceramic) Objects
        O.1 Resistance Cup 1
        O.2 Resistance Cup 2
        O.3 Resistance Cup Maker
        O.4 Clay Smasher
        O.5 Resistance Cup Coffee table
        O.6 Resistance Cup pole
        O.7 Resistance Cabinet 1 
        O.8 Resistance Cabinet 2
        O.9 Resistance Tire Cutter
        O.10 Mix Cup 1

        P.1 The Workshop
        P.2 Is Every Object a Tool? 

        On Demand






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Waste Circularity / Material Research / Storytelling
Team: Daan Overhaag, Inga Hamelmann, Ana Robles & Teresa Carvalheira.
Tutors: Erik Klarenbeek & Maartje Droos @ Design Academy Eindhoven, May 2022

Living in the context of a growing demand for biomaterials to contribute to a sustainable means of production, we thought it was important to provide friendlier access to said resources.

Recyclebar is a project that focuses on returning restaurant waste to circulation for future use. Given the material potential of restaurant discards such as eggshells, seashells, and other property-rich materials, it is possible to rethink how both the food and the sustainable product-making industries can support each other.

The research was conducted in a singular restaurant in the city of Eindhoven. We analyzed the customer journey of “Cafe Restaurant Eindhoven” through the production of a single dish. Additionally, we weighted, mapped and categorized the organic waste of a dish, day, and week. We outlined the kitchen infrastructure to understand how this could be adapted to function in the same space.

We propose a system were both food and its residues can be processed, and the latter can become a sellable good as any other.

A 2min concept video was produced for the Bio Design Challenge 2022. ︎WATCH