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 Material economies
       D.1  Moss ritual2021
       D.2 Waste Care2021
       D.3 Recyclebar2021
       D.4 The Better Bread2022
       D.5 Crafts of Resistance2023
 User Research / Experience design
        D.6 Exhaust the Benches2022
        D.7 The Traffic Light as a Destination2021
        D.8 C.C.C Cuisine2022
        D.9 Building Dialogue2022
Craftsmanship / Heritage
        D.10 Nuevos Rituales2018
        D.11 Migración2019

        I.1 Inventariada2019
        I.2 Diarios Abiertos 12021
        I.3 Diarios Abiertos 22021
        I.4-D.2 Recipe book x Waste Care2021
        I.5-D.3 Storytelling x Recyclebar2021
        I.6-D.7 Essay x Traffic Lights (...)2021
        I.7-D8.I2 Booklet x C.C.C Cuisine2022
        I.8 Stories Around the Cabinet2023

SHOP - coming coon
(Ceramic) Objects
        O.1 Resistance Cup 1
        O.2 Resistance Cup 2
        O.3 Resistance Cup Maker
        O.4 Clay Smasher
        O.5 Resistance Cup Coffee table
        O.6 Resistance Cup pole
        O.7 Resistance Cabinet 1 
        O.8 Resistance Cabinet 2
        O.9 Resistance Tire Cutter
        O.10 Mix Cup 1

        P.1 The Workshop
        P.2 Is Every Object a Tool? 

        On Demand






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Last update: Apr2024

D10. Crafts of Resistance

Circularity / Material Research / Craftsmanship
Tutors: Stéphane Barbier Bouvet, Dick Van Hoff, Nicholas Korody, Nadine Botha, Marina Otero Verzier, Raphael Coutin. @ Design Academy Eindhoven, June 2023.

“Crafts of Resistance draws from the spirit of resilience with which individuals in Lima address adversity by ingeniously refashioning jobs around unexpected services. Similarly, the project explores the idea that scarcity can become a creative propeller, by repetitive making cups based on free materials and social opportunities in the vicinity of the workspace. The form and production of the cups are a gauge of the privileges of the craftsperson in particular contexts. Refusing the status of an object, the cups also become a material to be repurposed and reworked in ways that resist finality. These are some of Daniela’s findings regarding the vast possibilities of artisanal production beyond a Western framework.” - Excerpt for Dutch Design Week 2022.

This being said, I find problem-solving through making to be a powerful methodology. It rises questions of what is really essential, what can be replaced or solved in alternative ways and what is the aesthetic value that we give to objects.

Ceramics is a discipline that has taught me to design in a process-centered way. I apply it in different contexts, materials and ideas. It has also taught me about existing social hierarchies surrounding the material world: colonial power structures of extraction that remain to this day.

The collection of objects is a reflection of the context where the making took place. “Emmasingel 14 Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 2022-2023”. I picture that every collection will look different as it consists mainly of what is there at a given time.

See the collection of objects from this collection in the SHOP section.