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 Material economies
       D.1  Moss ritual2021
       D.2 Waste Care2021
       D.3 Recyclebar2021
       D.4 The Better Bread2022
       D.5 Crafts of Resistance2023
 User Research / Experience design
        D.6 Exhaust the Benches2022
        D.7 The Traffic Light as a Destination2021
        D.8 C.C.C Cuisine2022
        D.9 Building Dialogue2022
Craftsmanship / Heritage
        D.10 Nuevos Rituales2018
        D.11 Migración2019

        I.1 Inventariada2019
        I.2 Diarios Abiertos 12021
        I.3 Diarios Abiertos 22021
        I.4-D.2 Recipe book x Waste Care2021
        I.5-D.3 Storytelling x Recyclebar2021
        I.6-D.7 Essay x Traffic Lights (...)2021
        I.7-D8.I2 Booklet x C.C.C Cuisine2022
        I.8 Stories Around the Cabinet2023

SHOP - coming coon
(Ceramic) Objects
        O.1 Resistance Cup 1
        O.2 Resistance Cup 2
        O.3 Resistance Cup Maker
        O.4 Clay Smasher
        O.5 Resistance Cup Coffee table
        O.6 Resistance Cup pole
        O.7 Resistance Cabinet 1 
        O.8 Resistance Cabinet 2
        O.9 Resistance Tire Cutter
        O.10 Mix Cup 1

        P.1 The Workshop
        P.2 Is Every Object a Tool? 

        On Demand






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I.8 Stories Around the Cabinet

 Design Research / Heritage / Material Studies
Tutors: Nicholas Korody & Nadine Botha. @ Design Academy Eindhoven, June 2022.

A reflective thesis exploring the legacies of craft and lineage in the context of Design Academy through the ethnography of an inherited object. The thesis draws on primary research of various types, in particular autoethnography and making, and secondary research that is put into meaningful reflection.

Drawing from Maggie Nelson’s Bluets, the writing is kept personal and the non-linear structure develops a cohesive argument merging the different points of view together.

The writing is both in Spanish and English, as it deals with topics that are related to Latin America, immigration and colonization. The colors blue and black are used throughout the layout to differentiate the Spanish and the English version. 

In accordance with the topic, the thesis is produced through the risograph workshop at Onomatopee, and assembled through autonomous means at Design Academy Eindhoven.

The cover is recycled paper from the workshop with layered first try-outs. 10 copies were printed altogether. 

Read the digital version ︎HERE

Or order the Riso printed thesis.